dimanche 31 juillet 2016

Autumn (Tale)

The autumn.

My goodness, what happened to me, what have I become ????

I’d forgotten that I had been a child. I myself had been teenager. I’d forgotten that autumn would catch me up. What he did one autumn day.

One morning, the Chap entered into my garden. He greeted me with a sunny and bright glance. There was no sign of arrogance in his demeanour. Draped in multicoloured rags, he had gathered all of the leaves coloured gold, brown, greens, red, and orange. He covered himself with bright colours.
From the haberdashery that sold items found in woods and forests, he had chosen buttons made of acorns and chestnuts; and for thread? He chose strands of dried tall grass.
Look! his big black hat? Where did it come from? He had simply put on a heavy dark cloud that was saturated with raindrops, drizzle and fog.
The smoke from his pipe was like the vapour of all of the fireplaces in our valley, pushing away cold and humidity.
Seeing him force his way into my garden didn't really surprise me because for a few days he had been sending signs of his coming. I could see the small caustic breaths of air, and the sunbeams tired by their long summer journey stretched and lengthened from the horizon.
Entering into my lounge, he was quite confused because of the humidity which dropped off his multicoloured rags. He left by the wide open bay exit through which the sun shone and very slowly crossed the garden.
At night, I saw his bright colours disappear in the darkness, leaving only the track of the mist which started to rise and envelop the houses whose chimneys puffed smoke.

I was not worried. I knew that tomorrow he would be there in his early season clothes. Naturally, in some weeks from now, his colours would have waned a little. But it does not matter! The Chap would have taken enough time to charm the eye of many romantic painters and melancholic dreamers. Those painters and dreamers see only charm and beauty of the delights of autumn fruits and ripe olives. Indeed, as rich in experiences as autumn is rich in colours!!!

Catherine Kembellec
© SGDL n° 200804049

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yuubijou a dit…

très bel article ^_^
je ne suis loin d'être bilingue, mais c'est très agréable à lire!

Les Contes de Cathie a dit…

Oh, mais tu es une vraie fan!!!
Quand je pense que je n'avais v tes commentaires.